Issue Five

Front Matter


When I think of fall, I remember warm, sugared donuts and fresh cider from a farm in Michigan. Fall brings a sense of renewal as my life remains rooted in the world of education. A new school year, a new beginning, and in that way Fall trades on the goodwill of Spring.


Tim Lepczyk: Publisher and Editor
Mark Barr: Fiction Editor

Ryan Bry: Editorial Assistant
Zoe Calhoun: Editorial Assistant
Taylor Foremon: Editorial Assistant
Daniel Grear: Editorial Assistant
Lindsay Lloyd: Editorial Assistant


The Exhibits

There are four in the car: Bridget and Jack, who have been cuddling in the backseat the whole way; Anita, who is driving; and Shane, her all-but-fiancé, who is navigating. Anita and Shane have been together so long that they don’t hold hands in public much anymore, or cuddle in backseats. And for the whole drive, they’ve been watching the other two snuggling in the rearview with smiles that are indulgent, if a little strained.


For The Days

We grow inside houses, and remember each spring
how it seeped through the flooring –
bringing such thoughts, a cracking of dust –

Back Matter

Thank You

Thank you to our wonderful editorial assistants Ryan Bry, Zoe Calhoun, Taylor Foremon, Daniel Grear, and Lindsay Lloyd.