It Went On

It went on, they said.
The road to Baghdad,
The one you saw on the news
With the abandoned cars.
It went on, they said again.
The road? I asked.
It went quiet.

But then one of them, the one with the temper
And the Tea Party membership said
Yeah, we found them.
On that road, another one cracked,
The sensitive one from Oregon who
Ate honey and missed trees.
His eyes were so clear and blue
They stared from a Jesus painting in a racist church.
I waited for more words. They held their position.
Further out in the dark Special Forces in
Infrared goggles played special volleyball.
A TV glowed hockey. No one was watching.
At night, the desert was easier than inside.

I tried to look like
It didn’t matter.
What went on? I asked.
Jesus stared.
Someone leaned toward me and said
Lay off, man, these dudes zipped the bags.