a beautiful gesture, saying both go and hello:
one knuckle, a faint bristle of a hand
negligible, really, you probably didn’t feel it
but my heart somersaulted, knuckle to knuckle,
like a butterfly fluttering on a ledge, for a moment
it was nothing
one accidental, completely unexpected
waiting to be awakened, here and now, weight
of two lifetimes placed from my hand to yours
a whole fulfillment
to feel for a second what it was to be so close
to you. Perhaps you will forget,
always a fingertip away,not notice
our destinies unfolding, meeting there,
at the knot of our sinews, marrying, there,
so close and closer yet, than we had ever been:
one mingling of our bodies in one pinnacle
and I am scared. For I know that the body,
hand that touched mine will markthe soul,
its influence spreading to the rest
of our lives,
its whisper in the light of forever saying
and farewell.