Maria Apichella

Maria Apichella

Maria has lived in the ancient seaport town of Aberystwyth for eight years. She finds being surrounded by the sea, mountains and blustery Welsh weather invigorating for her poetry. Maria earned her BA and MA in English and Creative Writing at The University of Aberystwyth where she is currently in the midst of her PhD…. Read more »


I’m not kneeling, wearing white. I tread and pray, stop to say hello; Remember something terrible; curse and pray. In Gap jeans, in bitterness, before I eat and after. I’m speaking to you, about why this happened, why that didn’t. There is no silence. Candles are not practical. I’m not in an Alpine monastery, a… Read more »


Grey birds lift slowly, part to roll as I come close. I cannot rise above my feet, held down by earth’s hard hands; on narrow tracks in shoes not meant for walking far, I walk. I speak of you to God in disjointed silences, teeth-gritting tears. If I could ask for one thing I would… Read more »