What matters are the writers and their work, without their dedication and creativity, Scintilla, wouldn’t exist.  The inspiration for the magazine came from my love of writing and a desire to work with writers.  I looked around at publications I loved and thought, I wish I could be involved.  It’s easy to put up barriers and feel something is out of reach.  However, the barriers may be low or entirely fabricated.  Instead of wishing I were involved in a publication that excited me, I thought, why not start a publication?

The result is Scintilla and Scintilla Press (next on the list for a redesign).  It’s taken months of reading submissions and a lot of time setting up the technical infrastructure, but finally, it’s published.  I want Scintilla Press to actively promote writers who publish with us and I want this to be a part of my life which excites me.

Going forward, Scintilla, will be published twice a year.  The first goal has always been the magazine.  In the future though, I may explore ways of publishing longer works like chapbooks, short story collections, and novels.  Publishing is undergoing a massive change, yet people are still drawn to writing.  Small presses can give voice to writers who may be overlooked by large publishing companies.  Scintilla Press can be one of those publishers for emerging writers.

For now, though,  turn your attention to the first issue and the wonderful writers.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the magazine and my friends and family for supporting me through this adventure.

Tim Lepczyk
Scintilla Press