This issue of Scintilla reminds me of a cactus. Not because of the writing, though Chuck Rybak’s poem Blackbox may give one prickly sensations along the back of the neck. No, it reminds me of a cactus, because cacti are hardy plants. I did not give this issue the care and attention it deserved, the care and attention your writing deserved. Amidst the weight of publishing our first themed issue, Literature of War: At Home and Abroadcombined with starting a new job, and most importantly, the birth of my daughter, this latest issue languished.

However, with some proper attention, the issue was revived and now it’s here, in all it’s digital glory. Thank you all for being understanding and sticking with us. In this moment of shifting priorities, Daniel Grear, has taken over as Managing Editor for our next themed issue, which will simply be an all-fiction issue. So, please submit a story or spread the word to your friends.

Finally, there are two more short stories that will be added to this issue, which are perks from our IndieGoGo campaign. I’m working on them and will have them published as soon as possible, but did not want to hold up the issue because of my own writing.

I hope you enjoy reading Issue 7 and thank you again for your support.