SAT Sestina

1.  The students’ attention span is 3 feet,
a narrow beam 3 feet less than their dreams.
If the length of their eyelids dips below
a teacher’s work, how long will they sleep before
a firm hand clamps and jerks their slumped shoulders?
Can this demanding hand shake and wake ambition too?

A.) 5-fingered grip will barely hold the force of 2
B.) ecause the teachers are tied by their hands and their feet.
C.) the weight of their morale shift from shoulder to shoulder.
D.) iplomas: an 8 ½ by 11 dream.
E.) ach room has 4 sides, 4 walls, and 4
years of killing clock for the witnesses below.

2.  The best classes in Set X offer no challenge and low
expectations. If the above statement is true,
Y do students attend 182 days per year × 4?
One constant: state exams, massaged like feet,
loosen cramped statistics to fit the dreams
of limber men in suits with little to shoulder.

A.) men. Re-imagine the weight on small shoulders
B.) ecause tomorrow after tomorrow all of the grades go low.
C.) another class full of movies and fall asleep, dream
D.) efection from history, from math and science too,
E.) vade the conversion for turning meters into feet
that great promise can walk on: 1.2192 = 4.

3.  Fat, soda, and sugar are mixed for
a ratio of 5:3:1, respectively. Shoulder to shoulder
fast-food joints fill the blocks to school, a feast
of grease for deep-fried stomachs hanging low
with gravity, no energy, and that’s for dinner too.
Others don’t eat. Nutrition is a dream.

A.) question: is this real (or a dream)?
B.) all that you can be (or at least ¼)
C.) Hamburger Wrappers2
D.) –grades, –books, –bags on shoulders
E.) asy stomach/empty stomach = performance below
zero. Count this on your hands and feet.

STOP. If done before time is called, turn your #2
pencil toward your shoulders and scribble down to your feet.
Now erase. Blow away the scraps like dreams.