Weekend Breakfast

With the sound of a buzzer, breakfast is done.
The onions, peppers that were cut,
the eggs that were broken,
the bread that was sliced is now toasted.

We sit back together,
cloth napkins in our laps,
and take that first aromatic sip of tea.

For the next half hour, nothing comes between us.
No plans. No lists. No nothing.
Empty glasses are refilled.
Stomachs grow warm and happy,
you and I, warm and happy.

As we near our finish, there is pause.

The dishes can wait. Leave them.
The crumbs in the corner can wait. Let them lie.

The cats hungry and circling at our feet do need to eat
but they will get theirs soon enough.

There is still time. Let the kettle reheat.
Savor with me this one promise
that has held together our week.