Daniel Gustafsson


One lies down in the roadside shade, To rest his head on a stone there; As lark-song scents the summer night, He sleeping sees the spiral flight Of their drops and their scaling wings; Another turns the final blade, Leaves his book with the fallen figs; Leaves the shade of this canopy, This cover of… Read more »


A frequenter of our late streets, This object of scoffing and jeers; When shunned by streams of passers-by, He’d speak to stray dogs and pigeons And stab his fingers at the sky; A sad sight, a nasty bother; A sight-seer of our squalid ways – Sign of sad times, said another; So he was last… Read more »

Daniel Gustafsson

Daniel was born in Sweden in 1983. He now lives in York, England, where he works at a boarding school while also completing a PhD in Philosophy, on the topic of Christian art. In addition to his Swedish and English influences, Daniel draws much inspiration from Russian sources. His poems have appeared in many journals… Read more »