Herbert Woodward Martin

Herbert Woodward Martin

Herbert Woodward Martin is the author of eight volumes of poems including: Inscribing My Name published by Kent State University Press. He has published in a number of American and European journals. He is closely associated with Paul Laurence Dunbar the 19th African American poet whose works he has performed across the United States. Dunbar, born… Read more »

To Be Human

The Words of Rosa Luxemburg(1871-1919) (a found poem: in Adrienne Rich’s notes for her Collected Poems) See to it that you remain human. There is no special prescription. All I know is once I went walking In the Sudende fields The sunset’s red light was falling On the wheat.

A Found Poem

(in a note from Judith Anne Still) On the other side In the brightness of the room Flanked by archangels We consecrate ourselves with The arduous work that goes Into stained glass windows. One true realization delights As when the sunlight bathes The congregation in silent And astonishing rays.